Lighting your path

I’ve accumulated plenty of experience on my journey through life – with enough challenges to keep life interesting.

I’ve been active in spiritual circles exploring a wide range of tools, approaches and skills. With a strong intuition and connection with people at a deep level, I’ve discovered that this enables an easier journey towards self-development.

Throughout my own journey of self-discovery I have attended many training programmes, workshops and courses, supported by my own research, reading and experience and have learnt a great deal. My learning and discovery continues as I believe that I can only help people on their journey if I continue to explore my own.

When you feel like there’s something missing in your life – I’m here to help you find that missing piece, fill it and live it

I am a passionate believer in finding YOUR source of support from within.

I have a wide range of skills such as NLP, hypnosis, past life regression, energy work, to name but a few. I can guide your journey of transformation, like a lantern bearer to light your path until you are able to hold that lantern for yourself.