Your light in the storm

If you feel as though you are on the wrong path or that you aren’t even sure if you’re on a path at all, it’s time to change that. Life can seem to be a battle against the elements – being buffeted by strong winds and sometimes becalmed and going nowhere for long periods of time.

Each one of us has a destiny and a path to follow. Sometimes you need help to find that path and to see it clearly. Will it be useful for you to find someone to act as a guide and a light to shine so you can see where you’re going – and to see where you’ve come from?

Maybe it’s time to explore:


If you’re suffering from life’s troubles and at an emotionally low level you may benefit from therapy to take steps towards feeling that you’re in control of your life, rather than being at the mercy of everything around you.

Holistic Transformation

If you feel that something is missing in your life, do you want to find that missing bit, fill the gap and live a life complete? Then you need to explore Holistic Transformation. This can use a wide range of tools to reveal that pure core of your being – who you are.


If you just want to explore some of the tools yourself, look out for our events.

Whether it’s learning to meditate to create a calm space in your life or clearing your chakras (energy blocks), come along and join us.

Please do look at the relevant pages to find out more – or, if you’d just like to talk to someone to find out where to start, get in touch– I’m waiting to help you.

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