Your Dream Analysis

Everyone of us has a dream from time to time and sometimes that can be most bizarre and other times really depict us in a real life situation that seems so real. The frequency of dreams depends on many factors but the main elements that affect your dreams are your unconscious and emotional well being.

Repetitive Dreams

Another thing to consider in your dreams is are your dreams repetitive? Do you have the same dreams regularly or do the dreams have the same theme? Regular could be defined as once every 6 months, once a monthly or something on a weekly basis. Do these type of dreams that occur regularly have more meaning than a one off dream, that you wake up to sometimes and think what was that all about?`

Is it a Dream or Nightmare?

A further element to consider is whether the dream is a pleasant experience or a scary experience? It could be a combination of both coupled with weird and bizarre experiences too. The one thing you can never dictate is what type of dream you are going to have next. However, it is fair to say that when you are in a more positive state of mind then you are less likely to have a ‘nightmare’.

So what does your Dream mean?

Having looked at the types of dreams you can have and spoken about the regularity then how should you interpret what your dreams mean? Remembering the dream is the first challenge and one of the best things to do is jot down some notes about the dream as soon as you wake up. The reason for doing this is that mind loses the dream quite quickly and you are soon just left with the notion that you had a dream and recalling the detail becomes difficult.

Once you have some details about the dream (or series of repetitive dreams) then this is where Louisa can help you with Dream Analysis process. Helping you relate the dream to your real life and bring out the meaning of your dream from your unconscious mind to your conscious . This whole process can be covered in a 45 minute session with you which is done online via Skype.  To book a session or find out more email now